Selenizza® is the brand given to the naturally occuring asphaltite extracted directly from the mine of Selenice in Albania.

The asphaltite is a mineral associated bitumen whose organic compound is fusible and soluble in organic solvents.
Selenizza® is used as an additive for the manufacture of :
  • high performance bituminous mix asphalts
  • high rutting resistant mastic asphalts
  • high quality drilling muds


Unlike other additives, Selenizza® is a natural product directly mined from the deposit of Selenice (an open pit mine) and is simply refined in a furnace. No chemical operation is necessary.

Selenizza® is a stable product easy storable :
  • in pellets with particle size of 4 to 12mm packed in big bags of 0.8 to 1.4 tons
  • powder from 0 to 5mm packaged in 15Kg fusing plastic bags


Please download our brochure and our technical data sheet for more informations.