High Performance Mastic Asphalts

The additive Selenizza® is ideal for manufacturing Mastic Asphalts, with high resistance to rutting and superior waterproofing capabilities.

The mastic asphalts obtained using the additive Selenizza®, are optimal for various applications :

  • Waterproofing of bridge-decks, tunnels, viaducts…
  • Asphalt paving by providing comfortable floor surface areas and walkways resistant to punching and with good hardness and soundness, maximizing in-service performance
  • Roofing of industrial, residential and commercial structures with superior waterproofing capabilities.
  • To coat floors in factories & other industrial facilities, particularly those subject to frequent spills or high amounts of chemical use.
  • Urban environments particularly for paving sidewalks or public gardens
  • Automotive soundproofing and rust prevention

Our product conforms to EN 12970 art.4.1.3 table B2


The additive Selenizza® SLN is compatible with all types of bitumen and its asphaltene content confers to bituminous mixes exceptional rheological and mechanical properties.

  • Better resistance to rutting and punching.
  • Better heat resistance.
  • A cost saving up to 17% thanks to the reduced asphalt layer thickness.
  • Easy to use: once it is fed into the mixer, Selenizza® SLN is completely diluted in the asphalt mixture.
  • Easy to store: cold and solid product
  • Natural asphalt: directly extracted from the mine, it undergoes only a hot process for purification to decrease the rate of waste components.

Mode of use

It can be blended directly with the hot bitumen in tanks, but usually, it is added during the asphalt mixing process (in the mixer for the discontinuous asphalt plants, or in the recycling ring for the continuous plants).
Depending on the added quantity of Selenizza SLN and on the characteristics of base bitumen as well, it is possible to obtain precise penetration and R&B softening point values of the resulting binder.

Its acidity index enhances the adherence of the constituents of mix asphalt. Selenizza® is completely and uniformly miscible with base bitumen. The resulting high performance asphalt mixes are homogenous and ensure better workability.

Penetration and softening point


Penetration à 25°C (1/10 mm) EN 1426 0 - 1
Softening point (R&B°C) EN 1427 115 - 120
Penetration Index (IP) - > 3,0
Acidity Index (mg KOH/g) EN 14104 3,5
Density at 25°C (g/cm3) EN ISO 3838 1,16 - 1,25
Asphaltene content (wt %) ASTM D2007-11 > 50
Mass loss at 163°C, 5 hours (%) EN 13303 0,08


Selenizza® Usually supplied cold and solid in several forms:


Pellets with size range from 4 to 12mm packed in 0,8 - 1,4 tonnes bags.


Powder 0-5 mm packed in 15 kg fusing plastic bags

Tailor-made weighted bags could be manufactured on customer request depending on the total order amount.


Please download our brochure and our technical data sheet for more informations.

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